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Donkey Massacre Unveiled: Delving into the Unsettling Reasons for the Annual Loss of 59 Million Lives

2657182 Donkey4Unveiling the Ancient Remedy: Ejiao, China’s Time-Tested Medicine Derived from Animal Hides

In the heart of China, a remedy has been in circulation for centuries, gaining prominence globally for its purported benefits. Ejiao, a medicine derived from the hides of donkeys, particularly known for its production from gelatin extracted from donkey skins, has become a topic of interest and concern.

Understanding Ejiao: Nature and Production

A. The Origin of Ejiao

Ejiao’s roots trace back to traditional Chinese medicine, claiming centuries-old recipes as its foundation. It has been a staple, believed not only to keep the body active but also to enhance sexual vitality with regular consumption.

B. The Gelatin Extraction Process

To produce Ejiao, donkey hides undergo a boiling process, extracting gelatin. Subsequently, this gelatin transforms into various forms, including powders, pills, or liquid medicines, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Global Demand Surges

A. Local Demand in China

Ejiao has been an integral part of Chinese traditional medicine, boasting a rich heritage. Locally, it is considered a desi ancient remedy, deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric and widely used for its purported health benefits.

B. International Appeal

With the global propagation of its advantages, Ejiao’s demand has surged beyond China’s borders. The international community is increasingly embracing this traditional remedy, contributing to its widespread popularity.

Controversy Surrounding Ejiao’s Production

A. Ethical Concerns

The process of extracting gelatin from donkey hides raises ethical questions, especially considering the massive scale of donkey slaughtering. Experts argue that the practice, known as Ejiao, contributes to a black market where large numbers of donkeys are slaughtered for their hides.