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Does fish prasadam really provide relief from asthma? Superstition


Fish Prasad distribution time has been finalized in Hyderabad. Fish offerings are being distributed after three years. On June 9, fish offerings will be distributed while doing Mrigashira. Arrangements will be made to distribute fish offerings under the aegis of the government. Every year on the occasion of Mrigashira Karte, the Battini brothers distribute free fish offerings to asthma sufferers.

But due to Corona, the distribution of fish offerings remained closed for three years. The state government has given permission to distribute fish offerings from this year itself. Fish Prasad will be done at Nampally Exhibition Ground.

Distribution of fish offerings for more than 170 years:
This fish prasad is distributed to asthma patients in Hyderabad. This fish offering is being distributed for more than 170 years. While Prasad of fish has been distributed every year continuously for 170 years, the state government has not given permission to distribute fish in 2020 due to Corona. The distribution of fish offerings, which did not happen for three years, is starting again from this year.

What is Fish Prasadam?
The Batini brothers say that they have been distributing the Prasad of this fish since 1845. He said that his forefathers used to make prasad of this fish and offer it free of cost for the treatment of asthma. Live korami fish should also be swallowed in this fish prasad. Material made of yellow colored herbs is kept in the mouth of this fish. After that the remaining fish is also swallowed. The Battini brothers say that they make this yellow substance with a secret formula. Jaggery is added to this yellow substance for vegetarians.

Arrival of asthma patients from other states and abroad:
Apart from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, more asthma patients come from the neighboring states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra to have this fish prasad distributed on the day of Mrigashira. A large number of people come to Hyderabad from far flung areas of India. The Battini brothers say that they come from abroad to take fish offerings. Big arrangements will be made in Hyderabad for lakhs of asthma patients. The state government will provide Korami fish.


Name changed from Fish medicine to Fish Prasad:
Fish Prasad was initially called fish medicine. Jan Vigyan Vedika went to court to declare this secret substance, which is given to asthma patients to reduce it, a medicine. Argued that fish are not scientific. However, the Batini brothers did not reveal the secret ingredients used in the fish medicine. Since then, fish therapy has been renamed and is offered annually as fish prasadam.

Does eating fish prasad reduce asthma?
There are different answers to the question of whether eating fish offerings can reduce asthma. Healers and rationalists say that fish offerings are a superstition and there is no science behind it. He says that he did not see any case of reduction in asthma by taking fish offerings. They have been demanding for many days to tell what are the secret ingredients used in the fish prasadam.

Those who have taken fish prasadam give different answers. Asthma patients who come here say that eating fish offerings gives them relief from asthma. They tell that by eating the Prasad of fish, their troubles have reduced.