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Do you know why some children are late in learning languages


Children differ in language acquisition. Some children learn very quickly. Some children learn at a moderate pace. Some people learn very slowly. A study on this was recently done by the University of East Anglia.

Researchers investigated how quickly children learn new words. The study found that children who were given more words learned new words more quickly and children who were given fewer words took longer to learn new words.

Researchers say that through this study, children with delayed language learning can be identified. And they say it could help children learn more new words before they leave for school.

Dr. Larissa Samuelsson, a psychologist at the UAE’s School of Psychology and lead author of the study, says that children begin to learn the meaning of new words very quickly, from the age of 2 , This is because many of the words they learn have the same form.

Laisa says that when children are asked a new word, they learn that other objects with a similar shape can be called by the same name. Through this they learn new words very quickly. They also learn the meaning of new words. But Lisa argues that for children who struggle to learn language, there can be a difference between learning new words and understanding their meaning.


66 children aged 17 months to 31 months were recruited for the study , He discovered how they learn new words through a simple game. He showed the children objects made of clay, plaster, styrofoam, thread and plastic. He told them the names of those things and asked them what other things could be called by the same names.

The researchers filmed where the children looked during the game. Through this, the researchers were able to find out whether the children looked back and forth when presented with a new object.

The Liars and the Tea When children hear a word for tea that resonates with them, they look for other objects in the world that match that word. The researchers wanted to find out whether this depended on how many words the children were exposed to, says Laisa.


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another study
Researchers not only examined children. Instead, he asked their parents some questions. They asked how many words their children could say. Children who said more words were able to look at the objects for those words more quickly. But the children who said fewer words took longer to look at the objects for those words, Laisa says.

from another study
Turns out that children with language learning disabilities don’t focus on related objects when learning new words. In this case, children with language learning disabilities are not detected until they reach the age of 3 or 4. Lisa says the study will help identify which children have early language learning difficulties and who will be given extra attention.

When children learn a new word, this new study may help them learn what to focus on and enhance their learning of new words. It can also help children who need extra attention to learn new words, says Laisa.