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Do you know why a wife stays with her husband even if he is not good


Be it marriage or any other relationship, it is not necessary that there should be love in it. Sometimes there is quarrel and conflict. But some relationships are just that bad. Couple passes the day with the intention of living only for the name.

One of them does not want to live with his partner. But it doesn’t matter how bad the relationship with the other is. But they don’t like to leave that relationship. Let’s find out why so many people choose to stick with bad relationships.

Under pressure from the family, the brother somehow got married. But the man pretending to be a husband did not keep his wife happy even for a day. His feelings are priceless. Then he has to take care of himself. He tortures his wife step by step. He tortures his wife mentally and physically. In such a situation, the helpless wife lives with the fear of not being able to leave her husband.

2. Self-respect for a man
Very important when he does not have self-esteem. But some still lack self-esteem. He walks with a bucket for another for the rest of his life. In some relationships the wife goes to work. But the man who pretends to be a husband does not even go to work and lives enjoying his wife’s work. He has no self respect. Life is enough. He doesn’t care about anyone’s work.

3. Being dependent on husband
What happens in some relationships is that the husband has enough money. But he doesn’t care about his wife. Husband’s love is not enough even after having all the necessary facilities for work in the house. But she does not want to leave her husband. Because her whole life, the life of the children depend on her husband.

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4. We definitely know that in order to maintain respect in front of the society
How does this society treat a woman who leaves her husband. There are many people who speak ill of him without knowing what the matter is. In such a situation, even if the husband beats, scolds or does anything, he is not allowed to leave her. No matter how difficult it is, his wife spends the day with him.

The husband is not good for the future of the children, even if he does not take good care of his wife, she prefers to be with him. Her husband is not in love with her at all. However, even in so much pain, she stays with her husband. The reason is to create a better future for our children. If you leave your husband in a fit of anger, your children will have no future. This fear haunts him.

6. Considers husband as heaven
Many innocent women do not know any other world except their husband. After marriage, she believes that her husband is God. No matter how bad the husband is, no matter how drunk he is, even if he kills him, her love for him does not diminish. She wants to be with him till death.