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Do you know how much it costs to build a train? You will be surprised to know the answer!


We all know the price of motorcycle, scooter, car, bus and truck. But do you know the cost of the train? Crores of people travel by the train which is called the lifeline of the country. But many people do not know how much money it takes to make this train.

If you do not know much about it then we will answer this question here. Semi-high trains like Vande Bharat Express are also being run in India. Here we will give you information about the fare of Vande Bharat Express.



Presently Vande Bharat Express is running on three routes in India. The country’s first Vande Bharat Express ran on the New Delhi-Varanasi route. After this, the country’s second Vande Bharat Express train was run on the New Delhi-Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra route. After this, the country’s third Vande Bharat Express was run on the Gandhinagar Rajdhani-Mumbai Central route.

Vande Bharat Express is an upgraded version of this train which runs on Gandhinagar Rajdhani – Mumbai Central route. Passengers traveling in this get more and better facilities than the earlier Vande Bharat Express trains. According to the news agency PTI, the cost of the New Generation Vande Bharat Express train is around Rs 115 crore.



Trains running in India are generally powered by electric and diesel engines. It costs 13 to 20 crores to make these engines. The cost of an engine depends on its power and whether it runs on electricity or diesel. On an average, it costs Rs 2 crore to make a coach of a train. The cost of making a general class coach is slightly less, while the cost of making an AC class coach is high.

An average train consists of 24 coaches. According to this, if the total cost of a train is estimated, then it costs about 66 crore rupees to make it. It has an average of Rs 18 crore for the engine and Rs 2-2 crore to Rs 48 crore for 24 coaches. That is, the average cost of the train by which you are traveling is Rs 66 crore.