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Do the husband and wife want to be physically united during menstruation?


Most of the couples do not engage in sexual activity during menstruation, many people have confusion whether it is possible to have sex during bleeding, but if you ask the doctor, if you are comfortable with it, the doctor will say that it is so. During this also there is no problem in having sex.

Doctors suggest that people who are undergoing fertility treatment should also join these days. Some people are hesitant to see blood stains on the bedsheet at this time, but there are others who say they don’t care or use old towels at that time.

If you ask your doctor whether it is safe from health point of view then there will be no problem as he will also give the same opinion. Monogamous people don’t need to worry too much about this.

Should husband and wife talk openly about this?
These days two people should be comfortable living together, OK means both have no problem. Let us see what can be done to maintain cleanliness during this time:

Menstrual cups or female condoms are recommended to prevent bleeding from spreading to the bedsheet. Wearing a menstrual cup does not feel like menstruation, it can be as comfortable as any period.
tampons can be used
Wearing a tampon can help you focus on your activity. No worries about where to bleed.


If you need to use a security method
If there is a need to prevent pregnancy, follow safe measures if you are afraid of sexually transmitted infections. If women follow safety measures during this time, many problems including urinary tract infection can be avoided.
Take a bath during menstruation to maintain cleanliness through sexual activity
, It gives a refreshing feeling, Also change the bed sheet to maintain hygiene during menstruation. If this is done then the husband and wife do not have to live separately at this time.