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Do not throw milkweed peels even by mistake, knowing its benefits you will not believe


New Delhi: You must have heard the benefits of eating milk, but do you know that its peel is also very beneficial for health. Milk thistle contains elements such as folate, vitamin C, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and manganese, which are considered essential elements for a healthy body.

Milk thistle not only enhances the beauty of your face but also helps in keeping your health fit. Milk thistle can prove to be very beneficial for dull and dark skin. For this, you have to make a paste of milkweed bark and apply it on the face.

Benefits of milk bark-

1) Glow on the face-
If the skin is getting dry then milk peel can bring glow. For this, grind milkweed bark finely and make a paste. Then take two spoons of paste in a bowl and mix one spoon of sandalwood powder in it and apply it on the face. Then keep it for twenty minutes. Then wash it with water. Do this process twice a week.

2) Prevents hair fall-
If you are troubled by the problem of hair fall, then you can use Milky Peel. Mixing it with sesame oil and applying it relieves the problem of hair loss and baldness.

3) Skin irritation will go away-
Women often face the problem of skin irritation. In the meantime, you can grind milkweed bark and apply it to cool. It will give relief from swelling and also give a feeling of coolness to the area.

4) Relief from stomach problems-
Drinking milk juice or soup on an empty stomach every morning has many benefits. Especially in stomach problems, milky juice gives a lot of relief. You also get this benefit by drinking milky bark juice.