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Do not do this work after sunset, Lakshmi will be angry


Do’s and Don’ts from Sunrise to Sunset in Hinduism. It has been described in detail. From the elders to the scriptures, it has been told that what works should be avoided after sunset. The elders of the house always say that do not sweep in the evening, do not sit on the threshold etc. According to the scriptures, maximum negative energy spreads in the atmosphere at the time of sunset. That’s why there are some things that should not be done at the time of sunset because doing them gives inauspicious results.

don’t do it after sunset


According to Vastu Shastra, turmeric should not be given to anyone after sunset, because it is directly related to Jupiter. Those who are considered to be the cause of wealth and good fortune. That’s why by giving turmeric after sunset, the Gods of the Gods get angry due to which the economic condition starts getting worse.

don’t litter

Savarni is considered a form of Goddess Lakshmi. This cleans the filth of the house and attains Goddess Lakshmi. But cleaning the house should not be done at all in the evening. It is believed that by doing this, Goddess Lakshmi gets angry.

don’t donate these items

Milk, curd, cheese, sugar, salt etc. should not be donated or given to anyone after sunset. By doing this, the happiness and prosperity of your house goes with that person.

laundry or drying

According to Vastu Shastra, clothes should not be washed or dried after sunset, because after sunset there is maximum negative energy in the atmosphere. Washing or drying clothes in such a situation leads to the entry of negative energy into the clothes, due to which the person has to face physical and mental problems.

don’t eat curd

Curd should not be consumed after sunset, it is related to the planet Venus and Venus is considered to be the factor of wealth, fame, attraction etc. Along with this, there is no sense of friendship between Sun and Venus due to which many problems have to be faced.