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Do drain cleaning work before rains: Chief Secretary


Gorakhpur, May 29 (Hindustan Times). Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra held a video conference with Divisional Commissioner Ravi Kumar NG and District Magistrate on Monday and gave instructions for implementation of ongoing schemes including cleaning of drains before monsoon. Ravi NG at the Gorakhpur Divisional Commissioner Auditorium and District Magistrates attended the meeting at the NIC hall set up in the districts.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra gave instructions regarding cleaning of drains in all districts including Gorakhpur. He said that arrangements should be started for sewage treatment. Preparations for this should be completed before monsoon. Waterlogging should not occur during rainy season.

The District Magistrate of Maharajganj shared information about the problems related to the Mahav Canal with the Chief Secretary. He said that Mahav sanitation is spread over a length of about 38 kilometers in neighboring country Nepal. Its floor width is 18 to 20 meters. Whereas the total length of the Mahav canal in the Indian border i.e. Maharajganj is 23 km. Giving the information, he said that the width of Mahavana bed is only 15 to 18 meters in the length of 15 km outside the forest area. Due to the lack of restoration or cleaning operations in the 08 km length of the forest area, the width of the forest floor is now only 04 to 06 meters. There is no embankment on the Mahav Canal. Because of this, there is no effective control over the problem. It is necessary to think of a permanent solution and implement it.

The problem increases during the rainy season

The District Magistrate of Maharajganj told the Chief Secretary that during rains the drainage of water from the Mahav drain to the forest area is obstructed. In such a situation, the water level of the canal starts to rise. The flood season causes inundation every year and damages forest areas and cropland. Some taluks are also suffering damage due to water spread.

690 hectares of land and crops of 14 gram panchayats have been affected

The District Magistrate said that 14 Gram Panchayats are vulnerable to the damage caused by the Mahav drain in the nearby area. 690 hectares of land is affected in these villages. For more than 20 years, the problem has not been resolved at the administrative level. If the administration diagnoses the problem properly, the problem of water damage from the Mahav canal can be solved. The Chief Secretary assured to take appropriate conclusions at the government level for a permanent solution.