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Delhi’s Darkest Secrets: The Unsettling Tale of Lado Sarai’s Knife-Wielding Lover

Delhi Latest News: Shocking Case of One-Sided Love Leads to Brutal Knife Attack

In a shocking incident of unrequited love in Delhi, a young woman fell victim to a brutal knife attack. The incident occurred in a cab, where the driver displayed remarkable courage by apprehending the assailant before alerting the police. The injured girl is currently undergoing treatment in a critical condition, and the police are actively investigating the case.

Love Turned Sour

The accused in this case is identified as Gaurav Pal, a 27-year-old man who was working in Gurugram at the time of the incident. Gaurav and the victim, Preeti, had met approximately a year ago while working in the same office in Lajpat Nagar. Their relationship had blossomed over the course of two and a half years. However, things took a turn for the worse when Preeti decided to distance herself from Gaurav. Her family had also refused to accept their relationship, causing a rift between the two.

A Planned Assault

On a Thursday morning, when Preeti left her home, she found Gaurav waiting for her. He attempted to force her into his car and engage her in a conversation, but Preeti resisted. The situation quickly escalated into a heated argument. Gaurav, feeling the pressure to marry Preeti, took a drastic and horrifying step, attacking her with a knife.

The Crime Scene

This shocking incident unfolded in the Lado Sarai area of Delhi. Gaurav attempted to snatch Preeti’s phone and, when she raised her voice, he resorted to physical violence. He had concealed a knife in his pants beforehand, and he began attacking Preeti with it. As a result of this gruesome assault, Preeti sustained 12 to 13 deep wounds on her head, face, fingers, and thighs. Currently, her life remains in danger, and she has undergone surgery to address the wounds on her neck.

Delayed Police Response

Preeti’s family claims that they had previously visited the Saket police station on September 10 to report the situation. On that day, Gaurav had attempted to strangle Preeti right outside the police station. To their dismay, the police took no action at that time. The authorities have since stated that they had no prior knowledge of such complaints, as the incident had not been registered.

Currently, Gaurav Pal has been arrested, and the police are delving into his past to understand what led to this horrific attack.


This tragic incident serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of unrequited love and the importance of addressing such matters promptly. It is essential for society to take a more proactive approach in handling cases of harassment and threats. The authorities should ensure the safety and security of individuals who feel threatened in such situations, and timely action is crucial in preventing further tragedies.