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Delhi’s Air Apocalypse: How 350+ AQI is Affecting Lives

Delhi’s Worsening Air Quality: A Looming Crisis


Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) are currently grappling with a severe air pollution crisis. The air quality index (AQI) in various parts of Delhi and NCR has consistently crossed the 300 mark, indicating a hazardous level of pollution. In this article, we will delve into the alarming situation, discussing the recent AQI readings and the absence of anticipated rainfall, which has left the residents of Delhi and its neighboring areas in distress.

The Soaring AQI Levels

AQI in Delhi

In recent days, Delhi’s overall AQI has surged to 322, a level considered extremely poor. On a recent Sunday, the AQI in Delhi was 309, and it has since increased by 13 points. Several specific areas within the city have recorded even higher AQI levels, with some reaching well beyond 300. Here are a few notable readings:

  1. Delhi University Area: The AQI stands at a worrisome 354.
  2. Airport Terminal 3: A severely high AQI of 342 was recorded.
  3. Lodhi Road: An AQI of 311, also in the very poor category.
  4. IIT Delhi Area: The AQI is 314, indicating severe pollution levels.
  5. Mathura Road: AQI here stands at 334, highlighting the severity of the situation.

NCR’s Deteriorating Air Quality

The deteriorating air quality is not limited to Delhi alone; its neighboring cities, including Noida and Gurugram, are also witnessing a concerning rise in pollution levels. Here are some AQI readings from these regions:

  1. Noida: The AQI in Noida has surged to 324, a very poor classification.
  2. Gurugram: Gurugram is not far behind, with an AQI exceeding 300. It recorded an AQI of 314, signaling a severe air quality crisis.

The Missing Rainfall

One of the pressing concerns is the absence of expected rainfall. The weather department has not forecasted any rain in the near future, leaving Delhi residents with little hope for respite from the ongoing air pollution crisis.


Delhi and NCR are facing a dire air pollution crisis, with AQI levels soaring above 300 in many areas. The absence of expected rainfall further exacerbates the situation, leaving the residents of these regions in distress. Urgent measures are required to address this severe environmental issue.