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Delhi: Roti-kakalti witness’s mother said, Hang that Naradham


A minor girl named Sakshi was brutally murdered in Shahbad Dairy area of ​​capital Delhi. The name of the youth who carried out this incident is Sahil. Which Delhi Police has arrested from Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that the witness had an altercation with Sahil. Due to which he was so angry that the witness was attacked 40 times with knife and stone. Surprisingly, Sahil was stabbing a girl in the street, but no one intervened. Taking advantage of that, he killed and escaped.

The statement of the mother of the witness has come out after this murder. Demanding capital punishment for the accused, he said that the witness was staying at her friend’s house for the last 10 days. He has passed 10th exam this year.

‘Several attempts were made to interrogate Sahil’

The mother of the witness also says that she does not know the accused. Tried to ask the daughter about Sahil several times, but she didn’t say anything. The father of the witness said- daughter wanted to become a lawyer, Sahil killed my daughter brutally. The murderer should be hanged.

Sakshi was crossing the road when Sahil caught her

This case is from Shahabad Dairy Police Station area. After the incident, someone informed the police about the attack. In this regard, the team reached the incident site and investigated the entire matter. A minor girl was seen crossing the road. A boy then stopped him and attacked him with a knife. Even that did not satisfy him, so he attacked with a stone. And the minor’s head was broken. Sahil kept kicking and punching the witness.

Sahil and Sakshi were in a relationship – Police

Police investigation has identified the deceased as 16-year-old witness and accused Sahil. Police said Sahil and Sakshi were in a relationship. However, there was a quarrel between the two on Sunday. After this, when Sakshi went out to attend her friend Neetu’s son’s birthday, Sahil stopped her in the street. An argument broke out between the two, after which Sahil attacked the witness with a knife, intending to kill him. He quickly started attacking.

This is the same girl who identified the witness after the murder.

Aarti says Sakshi never mentioned Sahil. Aarti meets Sakshi in the market three days ago and eats chowmeen together. Aarti demands severe punishment for Sahil. Benpani Aarti is very scared after the murder.