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Delhi Police Recruitment Alert: 13,013 Government Jobs Now Open! LG’s Advice for Women Applicants!

Delhi Police Job: 

In a recent development, the Delhi Police is set to fill numerous vacant positions, bringing good news for those seeking government jobs in the capital city. The announcement came from the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Vinay Kumar Saxena, who urged various government agencies, including the Delhi Police, to expedite the recruitment process.

Delhi Police Job Vacancies

According to officials, there are a total of 13,013 vacancies in various junior ranks within the Delhi Police, all of which are expected to be filled by July 2024. These vacancies include 3,521 positions in the advanced stage of recruitment, set to be filled by this December. This massive recruitment drive aims to bolster the strength of the Delhi Police and improve the security infrastructure of the city.

The Announcement by Lt. Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena

Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena has emphasized the need for a transparent and fair selection process within the police force. He has also stressed the importance of ensuring the inclusion of an adequate number of female candidates in the recruitment process. This is a significant move towards achieving gender equality and diversity within the Delhi Police.

Breakdown of Vacancies in Delhi Police

The vacancies in Delhi Police encompass various roles, including 559 male and 276 female Head Constables, 1,411 male Constables, and 573 male and 284 female Assistant Wireless Operator/ Teleprinter Operator (AWO/TPO). Additionally, there are 418 technical positions in different ranks, such as Photographer, Draftsman, Store Clerk, Fitter, Mast Lascar, MTS Helper, MTS Storeman, Statistician, Assistant, Radio Technician, and Workshop Hands, which require trade/skill tests. Moreover, 840 positions are to be filled for Multi-Tasking Staff.

Inclusivity and Gender Equality

One of the notable aspects of this recruitment drive is the emphasis on gender equality, with a concerted effort to select an adequate number of female candidates across various positions. This proactive approach is essential for promoting inclusivity and ensuring that the Delhi Police force represents the diverse population it serves.

Technical Positions in Delhi Police

Apart from traditional roles, Delhi Police is also looking to fill 418 technical positions in different ranks. These positions require candidates to pass trade/skill tests. This move reflects the modernization and technical advancements within the police force.

Recruitment Phases

Recruitment for these positions is being carried out in various phases, with a total of 11,214 positions being filled for the Staff Selection Commission. Additionally, 1,799 vacancies are set to be notified for recruitment shortly. As mentioned earlier, 3,521 positions are in the advanced stage, with notifications already issued. The recruitment for these positions will be conducted in different phases between December 2023 and July 2024.


The recruitment drive initiated by the Delhi Police, under the guidance of Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena, is a significant step towards strengthening the police force and enhancing security in the capital city. The commitment to inclusivity, gender equality, and modernization demonstrates a progressive approach to law enforcement.