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Delhi Liquor Scam Case: AAP MP Sanjay Singh’s Close Associates Summoned by ED – What’s the Inside Scoop

Liquor Scam Case News: ED Summons AAP MP Sanjay Singh’s Associates

In a recent development in the liquor scam case, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued summons to two close associates of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Sanjay Singh. This case is related to an alleged liquor scam, and it has drawn significant attention due to its political implications. Let’s delve into the details of this ongoing investigation.

Sanjay Singh Under ED’s Radar

Sanjay Singh, the AAP Member of Parliament, is currently in ED custody. It is believed that the investigative agency is diligently collecting information related to this case. The two individuals who have been summoned by ED are expected to provide crucial insights during questioning.

Close Aides in the Spotlight

The individuals summoned by ED are Sarvesh Mishra and Vivek Tyagi, who are known to have close ties with Sanjay Singh. Their testimonies and information could prove pivotal in uncovering the intricacies of the alleged liquor scam.

Sanjay Singh’s Defiance

After being sent to ED custody following a lengthy court hearing at Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court, Sanjay Singh reiterated his innocence. He vehemently denied all allegations against him and stated that he has nothing to fear, even if he were to face the gallows.

Opposition’s Reaction

The opposition parties have been quick to pounce on the government following Sanjay Singh’s arrest. Uddhav Gutte, a leader of the Uddhav Group, remarked that the ED lacks concrete evidence and is merely harassing opposition leaders.

Sanjay Singh’s Interrogation

Sanjay Singh is expected to face ED’s questions until October 10th, as the investigative agency attempts to unearth critical information related to the liquor scam. The ED’s application for his remand in court claimed that Sanjay Singh is one of the masterminds behind this scandal. He allegedly favored select companies under the new liquor policy and engaged in corrupt practices to benefit from them. Furthermore, it has come to light that Sanjay Singh received a bribe of 2 crores, which was discreetly delivered to his residence on two occasions.

The Significance of Sanjay Singh’s Custody

ED contends that Sanjay Singh’s custody is crucial to unravel the depth of the liquor scam and to determine the extent of his ill-gotten wealth. Consequently, the court has approved a five-day remand period to facilitate this extensive interrogation.

Kejriwal’s Defense

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has come to Sanjay Singh’s defense once again, stating that all allegations against him are baseless. Kejriwal has expressed skepticism about the credibility of Dinesh Aroda’s statement and the evidence provided.

Courtroom Drama

During the court proceedings, both sides presented compelling arguments. ED referenced Dinesh Aroda’s statement, claiming that 2 crores in cash were delivered to Sanjay Singh’s residence. However, Sanjay Singh’s lawyer, Mohit Mathur, cast doubt on the veracity of this statement, asserting that it lacked credibility. He also denied any discovery of such funds at Singh’s residence.

In Conclusion

The liquor scam case involving AAP MP Sanjay Singh has taken a dramatic turn with the issuance of summons to his close associates. As the investigation continues, it remains a subject of intense political scrutiny. The coming days will likely reveal more about the alleged scam’s intricate details and the possible involvement of key political figures.