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Cyber ​​security: 31 percent rise in malware attacks in India


According to a report by Sonicwall, malware attacks in India have increased by 31 percent in the year 2022. This is why companies have to intensify their security efforts against cyber attacks. The report also stated that intrusion attempts increased by 10 percent in 2022 and ransomware attacks increased by 53 percent compared to last year. The SonicWall Cyber ​​Threat Report – 2023 also states that the year 2022 will see a significant increase of 116 percent in crypto-jacking attacks and 84 percent in IoT attacks.

The tactics of cyber attackers need to be identified

Debashish Mukherjee said companies and organizations should identify strategies, techniques and methods adopted by cyber attackers to prevent attacks. It is difficult to defend effectively without knowing the attacker’s strategy. Talking about SonicWall’s business, he said that the company gets 55 percent of its business from enterprise customers.

SonicWall provides cyber security

Devashish Mukherjee, the company’s vice-chairman, said that malware attacks in other regions have decreased during the year, but the rate of these attacks in India is very high. He said that in a country like India, cyber attackers are increasing attacks using different methods. Malware attacks have increased in India, especially due to the growing use of IoT and crypto-jacking by various attackers to achieve new levels and strategic threats.