Thursday , October 21 2021

‘Corona Mall’ opens in Prime Minister’s Parliamentary constituency, soon became popular

Varanasi: A shop name Corona Mall selling all kinds of Coronavirus infection prevention products under one roof.

You have to wander from place to place for a mask, sanitizer, hand wash, but one such mall is open in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Where all the weapons to escape the corona are found under one roof. This is helping people a lot.

This unique Corona Mall, open in the Sigra area of ​​Varanasi, has all the items used to prevent infection. People are considering this as the beginning of turning disaster into an opportunity. Due to its unique name, this mall remains a topic of discussion across the city.

Ashok Singh, director of Corona Mall, told IANS, “To bring the fear of Corona to the minds of the people, we have brought the whole of infection prevention under one roof. Earlier, people had to run for masks, skins, soap, and sanitizers at various places to protect themselves from the corona. Seeing the problem of the people, we have now changed our ‘Chota Mall’ into ‘Corona Mall’. Just like everyone gets the same in the mall. In the same way, all the goods used here to protect the corona are found here. ”

He explained that “It has been a week since the mall opened. People were nervous about going, crowd. Therefore, here all things are available to the public in one place. New material is available here with fashion. We have brought all the rescue items from the corona in a small space. That’s why people like it. More than one hi-tech machine is also available to protect against Corona. Such as tunnel machine, automatic sanitizer machine, thermal scanner, and many other items are in this mall which will be very effective in protecting people from the corona. ”

Ashok Singh said that attractive masks, hand grabs, face covers, and a large variety of sanitizers are available in this mall here. It includes colorful masks with fancy masks for children to adults. Thermal scanning machines are also being sold.

Avnish, a customer coming to the Corona Mall, said that “earlier there was a lot of trouble for masks and sanitizers.” There was a fear of duplicity in all. In such a situation, there is as much variety of masks, globs, face covers, and sanitizers in one place in Corona Mall. It is being found here, it is not so in other places. “

Mukid, a resident of Varanasi, said that “In a very short time this Corona Mall has become quite famous. The best thing here is getting all branded and good goods here. Which is helpful in defeating the virus. “

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