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Confiscation of banner posters put up in public places started, people took a commendable initiative


Dhamtari, May 25 (Hindustan Times). The operation of confiscation of banner posters put up in public places in urban areas has been started. On Thursday, May 25, action was taken by the municipality in the city’s Chowk Chowk and National Highway 30. Actions are being taken by the Municipal Corporation to remove encroachments from the road side to the footpath. A large number of banner posters were seized from the roadside by Nani. People considered the act of confiscation of banner posters as a commendable action. People say that this work should be done throughout the year.

Actions are being taken by Municipality Dhamtari to remove advertisements, hoardings, posters, cutouts of leaders, posters of various companies of private and political parties in the city. On Thursday, May 25, the corporation staff removed posters of political parties pasted on electric tubular poles located on National Highway 30, banner poster hoardings erected at roadside shops and other public places. Action was taken in National Highway 30 from Arjuni Mode, Sihawa Chowk, Makai Chowk, Ambedkar Chowk, Rudri Road. The seized goods were kept in a tractor. The seized goods were brought to the municipality. It is known that the corporation is not getting much success despite the constant efforts being made by the municipality regarding cleanliness. Banners and posters of various companies and personal interests are covered in the municipal corporation area. Most of these banners and posters are put up without the permission of the corporation, due to which the beauty of the city is spoiled and accidents are also possible. The road also gets jammed. Despite repeated attention of the corporation by respectable citizens of the city, it is not heeded, due to which posters of the two-four day event are not put up in the corporation area for two years. Municipal Corporation Commissioner Vinay Kumar Payam said, the removal of banner posters is being done with the aim of making the city clean and beautiful. Banner posters will be removed from across the city. Besides this encroachment will also be removed from the road.