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Confirmed! “Urvashi Rautela will play the role of Parveen Babi

Urvashi & Writer

For the last few days, a lot of discussions are going on about the biopic of Parveen Babi. Actress Urvashi Rautela has claimed that she is going to play the role of Parveen Babi in this biopic. At the same time, an English news portal has put a question mark on this claim in its investigation as bogus news, but the writer of the film has put a pause on all their allegations. In this regard, ‘Amar Ujala’ contacted the writer of the film, Dheeraj Mishra, and spoke in detail about this biopic.

During a conversation with the writer of the film Dheeraj Mishra said, ‘I have been working on Parveen Babi’s biopic since before Kovid. During the research, I met some relatives of Parveen Babi, about whom no one knows much. I worked with BR Ishara Sahab for some time. I was supposed to do a film with BR Ishara, however, that film did not materialize. He used to tell stories of Parveen Babi. Whatever information was received about Parveen Babi through him, will also be seen in this biopic.

Regarding signing Urvashi Rautela in the film, Dheeraj Mishra told, ‘Before Urvashi Rautela, we were considering the names of Sonakshi Sinha and Shraddha Kapoor. But when we saw Urvashi Rautela performing on ‘Jawani Teri Bijli Ki Taar Hai’ in the music video ‘Bijli Ki Taar’, we decided that Urvashi Rautela will play the role of Parveen Babi. Her look is quite similar to that of Parveen Babi. And then, we needed a girl who had not done many films for the role of Parveen Babi.

Writer Dheeraj Mishra told, ‘This will be the first official biopic to be made on Parveen Babi. The film’s producer Wasim Khan had approached Urvashi Rautela about the project two months back. After reading the script of the film, Urvashi Rautela immediately agreed to act in the film. When will the shooting of this film start and who will be the other actors in the film, it will also be officially announced soon.

Parveen Babi’s story would be quite different from all the other stories and we surely can’t wait to see Urvashi playing such an amazing role soon.