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Clash between two bike riding gangs in Mexico, three killed after firing at each other


Shootings have become so common in America that people take out guns every now and then. The controversy started with just one picture. A bike rally was organized here on the occasion of the annual Memorial Day. Meanwhile, firing took place between the two groups. In this incident, 3 people died and many people were injured. During the rally, gangs of bike riders clashed with each other over an earlier dispute over a photo. A case has been registered against 3 people of both the bikers gangs.

New Mexico State Police said the two gangs had a dispute over past issues. A motorcycle rally is held here on the Red River every year on the occasion of Memorial Day. Those involved in the shooting were Anthony Silva, 26, of Los Lunas, Damian Brioux, 46, of Socorro, and Randy Sanchez, 46, of Albuquerque. Two of them died on the spot, while one seriously injured was admitted to the hospital, where he died during treatment.




Police have registered a case against the people of both the gangs.

The shootout took place between the Bandidos and the Waterdog gang. Both the gangs reach Red River to participate in a motorcycle rally. Matthew Jackson, 39, leader of the Jacob Castillo Bandidos chapter, 30, of New Mexico’s Waterdog gang, has been charged with murder. Another Texas Bandidos leader, Christopher Garcia, 41, has been arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession. The Bandidos gang has been involved in three shooting incidents in the past two months.

Around 49000 people died in shooting incidents in 2021


As per media reports, around 28,000 bikers from across the country were expected to participate in the motorcycle rally. This rally is organized every year. A large number of people arrive from all over the country. Live music and fun at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Angel Fire. Based on data from the CDC and the FBI, the research organization Pew Research Center said that in 2021, 48,830 people died in shooting incidents. On average, more than 40,000 people die each year in gun-related violence in the United States alone.