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China refuses to attend Singapore meeting with US Defense Secretary


Beijing/Washington: China has refused to attend the meeting with the US Defense Secretary. This meeting of the Defense Ministers of both the countries was to be held in Singapore this week.

In the same month, a meeting was to be held between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu in Singapore. Now suddenly China has refused to participate in this meeting. The US Defense Headquarters Pentagon said in a statement that China has informed about the cancellation of the meeting. At the same time, it was said on behalf of the Pentagon that America believes in open dialogue and tries not to turn competition into conflict.

In view of the regional security tension and trade dispute between China and the US, this meeting between the defense ministers of the two countries was considered very important. Now this move of China has dealt a blow to the efforts to reduce the tension between the two countries. Earlier, the US had accused China of spying with balloons, after which tensions between the two countries escalated.

Although the relations between China and the US Commerce Ministers meeting in Washington last week seemed to be back on track, but now there is every possibility of tension increasing due to the cancellation of the meeting of Defense Ministers. Although China has not disclosed the reason for the cancellation of the meeting, but it is believed that China is irritated by the sanctions imposed by the US.