Thursday , July 29 2021

Chemicals mixed with perfume are dangerous

The fragrance of a good perfume attracts everyone’s heart. After getting ready for the special occasion of wedding-party, we definitely use perfume. It has become an important thing used every day in today’s time, but the chemicals added to it can have a dangerous effect on our body.

These diseases can be:

By applying perfumes containing chemicals, you can get caught in asthma, breast cancer, skin diseases, allergies or any other serious dangerous disease. The chemicals present in it work to disturb the hormone balance by unbalancing the hormones of our body. Due to which the problem of getting breast cancer increases.

# Cancer: These chemical elements found in Tetrachlorohydrex Aluminum Zirconium Aluminum Chlorohydrate perfume cause a lot of damage to the body. The same elements are also found in aluminum in which it acts as a poison for cooking.

# Skin allergy: Silica or ‘silicon dioxide’ is made up of silicon and oxygen. The talc chemicals mixed with silica work to spread cancer in the body.

#Skin disease: Triclosan chemical compound is used to make deodorants or perfumes containing antibacterial. It is also used to make a variety of antibacterial soaps.

# Kidney damage: Propylene Glycol It is a chemical element causing allergies in the body, which creates a reaction in our body when mixed with perfume and causes kidney damage.

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