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Chanakya Niti: Such daughters bring good luck to husband’s house


The principles made hundreds of years ago by Acharya Chanakya are very popular even today. Acharya Chanakya, who was a famous diplomat and statesman, has mentioned many aspects related to married life in his Niti Shastra.

in the nature of chanakya The qualities of women are also described and it is said that the daughters of those who possess such qualities are the goddess of fortune in the life of the husband. Acharya Chanakya has also eloquently mentioned the kind of women who are considered lucky to have a husband.


Woman has been called the eye of the house. The role of women in any family is very important. As much as the role of women is important for the salvation of a house, equally women are responsible for the downfall of the house.


Acharya Chanakya According to the legend, if a woman sets her mind to it, she can turn a beggar into a millionaire. Similarly, if the woman is not of good character, then even a millionaire can be made to walk on the streets. According to Chanakya, certain qualities in a woman bring good luck to her husband. It is said that such daughters are the goddess of fortune for the life of the husband.

Such daughters are the goddess of fortune for the husband!
Temperament Girls:

Temperamental girls maintain sweetness in relationships. Due to the calm nature of women, there will be less fighting in the house. This is the first step to a happy family.


Patience is very important in the family. If a woman has the quality to handle any difficult time with patience, she will inspire her husband to take the right decisions. Not only this, any girl child who has patience will support her husband in any situation. Such people are called ideal wives.


Religious Girls:
Girls who know about religious practices also have the wisdom to make their husband’s house a heaven. Such girls understand right and wrong very well, due to which they are always ahead in dealing with the situation at home. It is believed to fill the house with positivity, apart from standing firm in any situation.