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Chanakaya Niti: These qualities are found in characterless women, identify them like this

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New Delhi: In India, women have been given the status of goddess, but from time to time this goddess is mistreated by society. Nature has given women the qualities of softness, humility, and affection in abundance.

All these qualities are seen in every woman. But it is said that all five fingers of the hands are not the same, similarly, every woman doesn’t need to be a symbol of love. Our society considers women as the honor of the family. The woman is also given the responsibility of ensuring that the honor of the family is not harmed.

Acharya Chanakya has told many such things about characterless women in his book ‘Chanakya Niti’. The person who thinks about those things and follows them never experiences sorrow, betrayal, etc. in life.

Acharya Chanakya has written in his book about such situations which can be seen even today. Similarly, Acharya Chanakya has told some such things about women, knowing that you will not fall in love with any characterless woman.

These behaviors lead to the destruction of the family.

You must always have this question in your mind about how to identify a characterless woman, then complete information is given below which can help you. Identification of a characterless woman: There are some women whose behavior leads to the destruction of the family.

Whereas women are called inauspicious or Kulakshani in social language. Identification of such women is not possible until they are well known.

Women work to save the honor of their families. Keeps her moral and social conduct pure. Chanakya has said that women are a very worshipable caste. Acharya Chanakya has given the status of goddess to women in his book.

But some women have a bad influence on the lives of people associated with them due to their bad character and character. Such women do not know how to love only one man.

These women are unable to maintain coordination between heart and tongue. There is something else going on in their mind and something else on their tongue. Women without character are not ashamed of having relations with more than one man.

Such women have many male friends. And she keeps everyone maliciously trapped in her love trap. These women have someone else in their heart and their relationship is with another man.

Such women express their love to someone else and fall in love with another man. Such women can often be seen wooing people. Such women try their best to make people look at them.

For this, she can go to any extent. Women without character do not belong to any one man. Their lover and partner keep changing according to their needs.

A woman whose backside is very thick is considered inauspicious for the house. On the contrary, if the back part of the foot is very thin or dry, then such women have to face many types of pain in life.

According to Chanakya Niti, signs of identification of a characterless woman: According to Chanakya Niti, a woman whose little toe or the adjacent toe does not touch the ground and whose ring finger is longer than the thumb, are considered such woman.

She changes her character as per her wish. Such women are often very angry. It is very difficult to control them. His character can never be trusted.

If the forehead is long then such women are inauspicious for their brother-in-law. Women who have a long belly are considered inauspicious for their father-in-law and those who have a heavy lower waist are considered inauspicious for their husbands.

If a woman’s stomach is like a clock, then that woman goes through poverty and destitution throughout her life. Women have long or padded stomachs, all these are signs of bad luck.

identify by hair also

Women who have more hair above their lips and are very long, such women are considered inauspicious for their husbands. Women who have a lot of hair on their ears,

Their shape is not uniform, such women cause bad luck in the house. There are always clouds of sadness in the life of such a woman who has thick, long, and wide teeth that seem to be protruding. Women whose gums are black are also a sign of bad luck.

If there is a mark on the palm of a woman that looks like any carnivorous bird or animal like a crow, owl, snake, wolf, etc. then such women become the cause of sorrow of others.

If there is a difference in the shape of the palm or the palm is flat, then such women remain deprived of happiness and wealth throughout their lives. A woman whose eyes are yellow and scary does not have a good nature. Women who have playful and brown eyes are considered very beautiful.

It is also mentioned in Chanakya Niti that women who have short necks, such women remain dependent on others for any achievement. The neck is more than four fingers long; That woman becomes the cause of the destruction of her dynasty.