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Celebs reacted to the new video of Parliament House, know what PM Modi said


The new temple of democracy has been given its vital prestige and the country has got a new parliament building. Chanting of Mantras and Vidhi-Vidhaan Se Pooja hui and PM Modi inaugurated it. The new parliament building is more special than the old parliament building for the country in many ways. Some time ago PM released a video and asked to do a voiceover on it, many people participated in it. In which celebs and super stars are not left behind. Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar also gave voice over on the video and many celebs also gave their reactions.




Akshay Kumar shared the video

Akshay Kumar has shared a video of Parliament House and told it in his own voice. Along with the video, the actor has written in the caption that he is proud to see this magnificent new building of Parliament. It has forever become an iconic symbol of India’s development saga. PM Modi retweeted Akshay Kumar’s tweet and wrote that you have expressed your thoughts very well. Our new parliament is actually a light pillar of democracy. It reflects the country’s rich heritage and vibrant aspirations for the future. So Hema Malini shared a video a few days ago and wrote that on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Parliament building, Prime Minister Modi will install the sacred Songal, a symbol of justice and fairness and a symbol of religious and cultural heritage. in the new building It is a matter of honor and pride for this country.



Shah Rukh Khan praised the new parliament building

The name of Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan has also been included. He shared a video of the new Parliament building and praised it on social media. Shah Rukh’s voice and the song of the film Swadesh can be heard in the background in this video.



On Saturday, Shahrukh took to his official Twitter handle to praise the new Parliament building, saying it is a wonderful new home for those who uphold the Constitution, represent all citizens of this great country and its diversity. protect A new parliament building for a new India but also with old dreams of India’s glory. Jai Hind