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Amar Shaheed Sukhdev’s birth anniversary celebrated in Pakistan, demand to give him ‘national hero’ status from the government

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Freedom Fighter Sukhde:   A group of lawyers of Lahore High Court celebrated the 117th birth anniversary of freedom fighter Sukhdev on Wednesday. They demanded the Pakistan government to give the status of ‘national heroes’ to the great freedom fighters. Lawyers associated with the Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation gathered in the premises ...

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Sunita Williams’ Unexpected Setback: Third Space Mission Delayed

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Astronaut Sunita Williams: A Beacon of Inspiration and Achievement Sunita Williams is not just a name but a symbol of perseverance, innovation, and the indomitable spirit of exploration. As a trailblazer in space travel, Williams has carved out her own unique place in the history of space exploration. Background Early ...

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Unveiling the Hidden Dynamics: India-Pakistan Relations at a Crossroads

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Ishq Dar’s Statement: A Potential Shift in Pakistan-India Trade Relations Amidst the ever-evolving dynamics between Pakistan and India, Ishq Dar, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, recently made a significant statement regarding the potential resumption of trade relations between the two neighboring countries. His remarks centered on the acknowledgment of local ...

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Double Strike Drama: Unveiling the Power Play Between India and Pakistan

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Unraveling the Geostrategic Chessboard: India’s Strategic Moves in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Arena In recent developments, India has strategically positioned itself to encircle Pakistan through Afghanistan, causing ripples across the geopolitical spectrum. The move, following collaboration with the Taliban at the Chabahar Port, hints at a broader plan to launch another tactical ...

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