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Canada’s Khalsa Gathering: A Remarkable Event Uniting Communities

In recent developments, it has come to light that Khalistani separatist activities in Canada continue to persist. According to reports from the news agency ANI, during Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to India for the G-20 summit, Khalistani separatists organized what they called a ‘Janmat Sangrah’ or a so-called ‘referendum’ event in Surrey, British Columbia.

The Presence of Gurpatwant Singh Pannu

At this event, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the founder of the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), a designated terrorist organization, was present. Pannu, known for his extremist views, addressed the gathering with an incendiary speech.

Inflammatory Rhetoric

According to ANI, Pannu’s speech was filled with inflammatory rhetoric aimed at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, and other Indian leaders. He used language intended to incite fear and unrest, alleging that separatists pose a threat to India’s territorial integrity.

Modi-Trudeau Meeting

During his brief meeting with Prime Minister Modi on Sunday, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed serious concerns about ‘anti-India activities’ by extremist elements in Canada. He emphasized the need for both countries to cooperate in dealing with these threats.

Statement by MEA

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) released a statement, saying, “The Prime Minister apprised Prime Minister Trudeau of our strong concerns regarding the anti-India activities of fringe elements in Canada. They are promoting separatism, causing damage to Indian diplomatic premises, and threatening the Indian community and their places of worship in Canada.”

The statement further highlighted the importance of Canada’s action against organized crime, drug syndicates, and human trafficking. It stressed the need for both countries to collaborate in addressing these shared security concerns.

Emphasis on Bilateral Relations

Prime Minister Modi underscored the importance of mutual respect and trust in the progress of India-Canada relations. After their discussion, Prime Minister Trudeau held a press conference where he addressed the issue of Khalistani extremism and foreign interference.

Trudeau’s Assurance

Trudeau stated, “We’ve had many conversations over the past few years on both these issues [Khalistani extremism and foreign interference] with Prime Minister Modi. Canada will always defend the freedom of expression, the freedom of the individual soul, and peaceful protest, but we will always work to prevent violence and to thwart hatred.”

He further added, “On the community’s concerns, I think it’s important to remember that the actions of a few do not represent the community or Canada.”


The persistence of Khalistani separatist activities in Canada remains a matter of concern for India. Both Prime Ministers Modi and Trudeau have discussed these issues and emphasized the importance of cooperation in addressing them. While Canada upholds the principles of free expression and peaceful protest, it also recognizes the need to prevent violence and counter hatred.

As India and Canada work together to tackle these challenges, it is essential to maintain a balance between safeguarding individual freedoms and ensuring national security.