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Business Idea: Earn big profits from sheep farming, keep these things in mind


Apart from farming, animal husbandry is also a better option for the farmers in the country. Farmers can earn big money from animal husbandry. Animal husbandry businesses are running with different species of animals in most areas of India. In these, animals like cows, buffalo, goats, and camels are reared for dairy farming. Similarly, farmers can earn big money through sheep farming. Many products like wool, manure, milk, and leather are made from sheep. This business can be started with very little investment. This business is becoming increasingly popular among farmers.

To start sheep farming, it is important to choose only better species of sheep. So that a good quantity of milk and wool can be obtained. Among the income-enhancing sheep breeds in India, breeds like Malpura, Jaisalmer, Mandia, Marwari, Bikaneri, Marino, Cordillera Mabutu, Chhota Nagpuri, and Shahababad are quite popular.

The subsidy is available from the government for sheep rearing.

The government is also running many schemes to double the income of farmers. Under the National Livestock Mission of the Central Government, a subsidy of up to 50 percent is provided for sheep rearing. Apart from this, many state governments provide financial help to farmers at their respective levels to encourage them to do sheep rearing. Sheep are vegetarian animals. They like green fodder and leaves. Sheep dung is also considered a very good fertilizer. With their use, farm productivity can be increased. Generally, the life span of sheep is only 7-8 years. To earn bumper income from sheep farming, there is a need to pay full attention to their cleanliness and health.

Cost and earnings in sheep farming

If you want to start animal husbandry with 15-20 sheep, then depending on the species, one sheep is available at the price of Rs 3000-8000. The purchase of 20 sheep costs around Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh. According to experts, a 5500-square-foot stable is sufficient for 20 sheep. Which can be prepared for Rs 30,000-40,000. Sheep have very soft and long hair on their body. From which wool is obtained. Many types of warm clothes are made from wool. Sheep produce abundant wool in their lifetime and make cattle herders millionaires.