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Breaking News: Supreme Court’s Groundbreaking Decision on Firecrackers Before Diwali

Firecrackers Ban in India: The Supreme Court’s Crucial Order Before Diwali

As the festive season of Diwali approaches, the use of firecrackers in India has once again come under the legal microscope. The Supreme Court of India has issued a significant order regarding the use of firecrackers, emphasizing the prohibition of chemicals like barium in their composition. This order has far-reaching implications for firecracker manufacturers and has sparked debates on environmental concerns and cultural traditions.

Understanding the Supreme Court’s Verdict

The Supreme Court’s recent verdict has reinforced the ban on the use of chemicals like barium in the manufacturing of firecrackers. Fireworks manufacturers had appealed to the court, seeking permission to use barium as a chemical component in their products. However, the court rejected this plea, emphasizing the need to protect the environment and public health.

The Government’s Role

To ensure the safe manufacturing and sale of “green crackers,” the government had proposed a mechanism based on the recommendations of expert bodies like CSIR and NEERI. This mechanism aimed to regulate the production and sale of fireworks containing barium chloride. The government’s intention was to strike a balance between preserving tradition and safeguarding the environment.

Delhi’s Unique Situation

Interestingly, the Supreme Court’s order did not specifically address the ban on firecrackers in Delhi. This means that the complete ban on all types of firecrackers imposed by the Delhi government will remain in effect. Despite the court’s clarification during the hearing that it will not interfere in states where a complete firecracker ban is in place, Delhi’s situation remains unique.

Court’s Stand on State Bans

During the hearings, BJP leader Manoj Tiwari had challenged the complete ban on firecrackers in several states, including Delhi. He argued that the Supreme Court had not imposed a blanket ban on firecrackers but only on those with harmful explosive chemicals. Despite this assertion, several states, including Delhi, continued to enforce a comprehensive firecracker ban.

The Supreme Court reiterated that if any state government wishes to impose a complete ban on firecrackers due to concerns related to air quality and public health, it has the authority to do so. This means that individuals looking to celebrate Diwali with firecrackers can still do so in states where such a ban is not in place.

Green Crackers in Other States

In states where a complete ban on firecrackers is not enforced, there is still a possibility of using “green crackers.” However, it’s important to note that even in these states, not all types of fireworks will be allowed. The Supreme Court’s previous orders from 2021 stated that it had only banned fireworks containing harmful chemicals like barium. Green crackers, as defined by the court, are permissible.


The Supreme Court’s order regarding firecrackers before Diwali emphasizes the need to strike a balance between tradition and environmental concerns. While it has reinforced the ban on chemicals like barium in firecrackers, it has also given state governments the authority to decide whether a complete ban on fireworks is necessary.

As the festive season approaches, it’s essential for individuals to stay informed about the regulations in their respective states and opt for green crackers when celebrating. This way, we can enjoy the spirit of Diwali while also contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.