Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Breaking News: Free Wheat, Rice, and a Dash of Sugar for Ration Cardholders

The Uttar Pradesh government has announced an extension of its Free Ration Scheme, which provides essential food items to eligible beneficiaries. In addition to wheat and rice, the government has now included free sugar (chini) in the distribution. This announcement comes as good news for Antyodaya cardholders.

Here are some key details:

  1. Beneficiaries: Antyodaya cardholders will receive free sugar for three months, covering the months of July, August, and September. The cost of sugar will be subsidized for these cardholders.
  2. Distribution: The distribution of free ration, including sugar, is scheduled for September 12th and 13th, which means eligible individuals can start availing the benefits from these dates.
  3. Other Items: Apart from sugar, Antyodaya cardholders are already entitled to receive 14 kilograms of wheat and 21 kilograms of rice as part of the Free Ration Scheme.
  4. Additional Assistance: Household cardholders will also receive an additional 5 kilograms of ration per unit.
  5. Distribution Process: Eligible households can collect their free ration, including sugar, from government ration shops.
  6. Pricing: The cost of sugar for Antyodaya cardholders for three months will be calculated at a subsidized rate of Rs. 18 per kilogram, amounting to Rs. 54 for three kilograms.
  7. Strict Action: Authorities have issued instructions to take strict action against any ration dealer or individual who demands money for the free ration items or engages in malpractices.

This extension of the Free Ration Scheme aims to provide essential food items to vulnerable households and alleviate food insecurity during these challenging times.