In the rural areas of Chhattisgarh, every morning starts with eating Bor Basi. From children to the elderly, sacks are consumed. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel played an important role in making this special rural traditional dish recognized at the state and national level. Last year, on Labor Day, a special campaign was launched to bring it out of the villages and make it available in restaurants and hotels in the cities. , Officers, leaders, ministers also ate stale sacks sitting on the ground.

Beneficial for both health and fitness

In Chhattisgarh, people consume it more during the summer season. It is beneficial for both health and wellness as it is rich in beneficial nutrients. This traditional dish, which is eaten everyday in every household, has made a special identity in just one year. Now more than 50 people are coming daily to eat Bor Basi in Gadkaleva restaurant, famous for Chhattisgarhi food.

This is how bore basi is made

The method of making Bor Basi is very easy. Boiled rice and water are needed to make Bor Basi. After the rice is cooked and cooled overnight, it is kept in a brass or earthen pot immersed in water. It is eaten in the morning with salt, green chili, tomato sauce, onion. It contains nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins.

Benefits of eating stale sacks

There is a lot of water in Bore Basi. Consuming it in summer keeps the body cool. Also, eating it does not cause heat stroke.

If Bor Bassi is consumed, then the problem of stones can also be avoided. Freshness on the face, energy in the body. Along with bassi, the muscles also get nutrition.

– It controls high blood pressure, helps in digestion. It is beneficial for people with gas or constipation problems.

The problem of obesity goes away by eating bore bassi. Also, its use does not cause drowsiness.

Nutrients like carbohydrates, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins, mainly vitamin B-12, mineral salts are found in Bor Bassi.

It contains about 60 percent more calories than freshly made rice (rice).