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Black Tea With Lemon: Do you also drink black tea mixed with lemon? This may cause damage to the kidneys

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Black Tea With Vitamin C: There is no dearth of people drinking tea in India, after water it is the most consumed beverage. People drink many cups of tea from morning till evening, although health experts always issue warnings regarding this. Drinking tea with milk and sugar in excess increases the risk of diabetes and constipation, which is why many people choose black tea as a healthy option, but is black tea safe?

Combination of black tea and lemon

People who recognize the dangers of tea with milk and sugar often consume black tea and do not forget to add lemon to it. It is noteworthy that lemon is considered a rich source of Vitamin C, which boosts immunity. This is the reason why people were insisting on drinking decoction during the Corona virus epidemic, but it is not necessary that it always benefits you.

‘Kidneys will be harmed’

According to a TOI news, a resident of Mumbai started having swelling in his legs, apart from this, complaints of vomiting and loss of appetite were received. During investigation it was found that his kidneys were not functioning properly. When the diet history of this person was taken out, it was found that he used to consume Vitamin C with black tea. Although this is not an isolated case, there are many people who are harming their kidneys by drinking lemon and decoction.

Be alert about such dangers 

People who drink lemon decoction excessively may increase their creatinine, the level of which should generally be below 1. The job of the kidney is to clean the dirt present in the body fluids, if there is any problem in it then the whole body can be affected. 

Most health experts believe that if anything is consumed in excessive quantities, it can prove to be harmful to health. Therefore, you should drink the decoction only in limited quantity after consulting the doctor. If the intake of Vitamin C increases then the amount of oxalate in the body will increase, which can cause kidney infection and even kidney failure.