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Black spots on the face are signs of this disease, do not ignore it


Never ignore dark spots on the face as it can be a symptom of some serious disease. These are of 2 types. In one the body looks fat and in the other it is dry. The thyroid gland produces a hormone called thyroxine. This hormone increases metabolism in the body and inhibits the growth of body cells. If the time of thyroid is controlled then the body can be prevented from becoming fat or thin. Changes in the body due to thyroid can be seen on the face and skin. So know which symptoms to understand the disease.


Changes can be seen in the eyes

Some serious symptoms of thyroid can be seen on the body and eyes. This is called exophthalmos. This is due to hyperthyroidism. The immune system becomes weak. Due to which it affects the muscles and other tissues around the eye. This causes swelling under the eyes.

skin will be dry

The patches appear due to pain and swelling and dryness of the skin. These symptoms are symptoms of thyroid. Melanin starts increasing in the thyroid gland. Due to this the color of the skin turns black. Due to this, there is a defect in the collagen.


itchy skin

Itchy skin is also one of the symptoms of thyroid. If a person has this problem then it gets cured immediately but if it is due to thyroid hormone then it takes more time.

dark and blotchy skin

Hardening of the skin, this symptom is seen on the body before thyroid. It is associated with poor metabolism. If the skin appears black and spots or spots are visible on the skin, then immediately get the thyroid checked. Because to get treatment due to this disease.