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Barbie Doll: From its inception to its journey of 6 decades


Everyone knows the Barbie doll. Even today hearing his name brings back memories of some people’s childhood. In childhood, almost every child wants to play with this special doll. This is the most favorite toy especially of girls, but very few people know the story of this doll. The Barbie doll that made childhood special for children all over the world is now old. Barbie doll is a household name among children all over the world. You can gauge his popularity from his followers on Twitter and Instagram.

barbie doll is 6 decades old

Barbie doll is more than 60 years old. This bucket was first introduced in the market on March 9, 1959. Between these 6 decades, the craze of Barbie girl among children is still the same. As the popularity of the Barbie doll increased over time, the company launched several variants of it in the market, which were also well-liked by children.

this is how the idea came

The idea of ​​making Barbie doll came from Ruth Handler, the owner of a metallurgical company and well-known American businessman. He got inspiration from his daughter and her friends. When she saw her daughter and her friends playing with dolls made of cardboard, she was so happy with them that she decided to make Barbie dolls.

Barbie is ready after a lot of experiments

On March 9, 1959, the Barbie doll was first introduced to the market. Before this, Ruth bought some toys from Japan and experimented with them, and finally the form of Barbie Girl was ready. Surprisingly, in the very first year of launch, about 3 lakh Barbie dolls were sold.

Also seen in different hair colors

More than 6 decades have passed since the launch of the Barbie doll. Meanwhile, it became very famous in the world for its different style. In this journey of 6 decades, Barbie appeared in different skin tones. Sometimes she was seen in long blonde hair and sometimes she launched a version with short hair. Which was also liked a lot.