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Banda: 29 vehicles seized in case of illegal transportation


Banda, May 28 (Hindustan Times). District Magistrate Durga Shakti Nagpal has initiated action against illegal mining and overloading vehicles in the sand mines located in the Can River. Sustained action by the task force team constituted by him has left the sand lease holders reeling. During the last two days, the task force seized 29 vehicles in connection with overloading. Along with this, a case has been registered against 11 vehicles without transport circular in police stations.

The DM formed the task force after receiving complaints of illegal excavation and illegal transportation in sand mines in the district. After the action being taken by the task force, the results are also coming out. Which proves that overloaded vehicles are passing through major roads on a large scale. Along with this, a large number of such vehicles are also carrying sand, which do not even have a valid form of transport.

A total of 29 vehicles were seized by the task force on the night of May 26 and 27 and taken into custody of the respective police stations on charges of illegal transportation. A case has been filed against the driver or owner of 11 vehicles for being caught without a letter on the vehicle.

In Banda tehsil, this action is taken by Mines Officer Banda, Jurisdiction City and Inspector of Mines. They have caught 04 vehicles on Mataundh Akrod Road and 10 vehicles on Mataundh Gaurihar Road for illegal transportation. Three of these vehicles have been caught without transport forms. Similarly, a total of 09 vehicles have been seized by Deputy District Magistrate Baberu. He has been handed over to the custody of Baberu Police Station. Here too, five vehicles without transport forms were caught.

In the same order, during investigation under the tehsil area, Deputy District Officer Naraini and Judiciary Officer Naraini have seized five vehicles for illegal transportation. He has been remanded in the custody of Naraini Police Station area. Out of the five vehicles caught here, three vehicles were caught without transport forms. On the other hand, in Tehsil Atara Deputy District Officer Atara has caught illegally transporting a vehicle, which has been handed over to the custody of Atara Police Station.