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Ayodhya’s Grand Receiving: 1000 KM Journey, 600 Kilos Desi Ghee, and the Majestic 108 Kalash Procession

Ram MandirArticle: 600 KG Desi Ghee for Ram Mandir: A Global Offering

The anticipation for the inauguration of the Ram Mandir has intensified as the countdown of approximately 45 days begins. Amidst the fervor, a peculiar yet sacred event has unfolded – the arrival of 600 kilograms of Desi Ghee from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, covering a distance of 1,000 kilometers. The question arises: why bring Desi Ghee from such a distant location when it could easily be sourced locally in Ayodhya? Let’s delve into the details and unravel the spiritual journey of this sacred offering.

The Grand Welcome

On the 22nd of January, 2024, the auspicious day of the Ram Mandir inauguration, bullock carts carrying 600 kilograms of Desi Ghee reached Ayodhya from Jodhpur. The welcome ceremony involved an Aarti, conducted by the Secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, Champat Rai, and Treasurer Govind Dev Giri Maharaj. This marked the commencement of the utilization of Desi Ghee for the consecration ceremonies and the eternal flame.

The Journey of Desi Ghee

The journey of Desi Ghee began on the 27th of November, originating from Shri Maharshi Sandipani Ram Dham Goshala in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. What makes this journey extraordinary is not only the distance it covered but the continuous dedication of the devotees who accompanied the bullock carts. The sacred Desi Ghee is intended for the rituals and ceremonies of the Ram Mandir, adding a unique spiritual touch to the proceedings.

Emotional Moment: Champat Rai’s Tribute

Champat Rai emotionally acknowledged the saints and martyrs whose resolution made this Desi Ghee offering possible. He paid homage to the two individuals from Jodhpur who sacrificed their lives in 1990, Professor Mahendra Aroda and the young Setharam Mali. Their spirits seem to have inspired the journey of Desi Ghee, making it a poignant and meaningful contribution to the Ram Mandir.

Spiritual Connections

The use of Desi Ghee in Hindu rituals holds immense significance, and its transportation from Jodhpur to Ayodhya becomes a symbolic act of devotion. Champat Rai shared that this Desi Ghee is a result of the resolve of saints, a connection that spans not only geographical distances but also generations.

Global Support

Reflecting on a broader perspective, the World Hindu Congress in Bangkok revealed Ayodhya’s connection with Thailand’s Ayutthaya. The Raj, or sacred offering, sent from Thailand emphasizes the global unity in the service of Lord Ram. This international collaboration underscores the global support and reverence for the construction and consecration of the Ram Mandir.

The Symbolism of Raj and Haldi

Thailand’s Ayutthaya, a place resonating with the name of Ram, sent Raj to Ayodhya, connecting the two lands in spiritual devotion. Additionally, Haldi from Cambodia, another international contribution, symbolizes the unity of nations in the sacred endeavor of serving Lord Ram.

In conclusion, the arrival of 600 kilograms of Desi Ghee marks a significant chapter in the preparations for the Ram Mandir’s inauguration. The global contributions of Raj, Haldi, and Desi Ghee signify the collective devotion of individuals and nations towards Lord Ram. As the world unites in the service of the divine, the anticipation for the grand inauguration continues to build.