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Atal Setu: Revolutionizing Travel with a 22KM Sea Highway – Discover 5 Fascinating Facts

A Night View Of The Mthl MumbaiAtal Setu Pul Crack news:  Politics has intensified on the news of cracks in Atal Setu Bridge built in Mumbai in the name of former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee. When Maharashtra Congress President Nana Patole raised questions on the quality of the bridge, BJP immediately retaliated and said – ‘Congress is continuously spreading its propaganda through lies across the country. Congress is doing the politics of lies and lies have no legs. This is the reason why Congress has been spreading more fake news on reservation and other issues for the last few months.’

Atal Setu Bridge Crack News: Politics continues on the crack

Whether it is to make political gains by spreading lies or to shine one’s politics, that is a different matter but the news of cracks in Mumbai Trans Harbour Link i.e. Atal Setu spread like wildfire. This post also went viral on social media. After which the project director had to give clarification. He said, ‘It is a lie that there is a crack in the bridge. Such fake things are being spread. The project head of Atal Setu Package 4 also said that such allegations are baseless. The crack is not in Atal Setu but somewhere else.’

Five things about Atal Setu that people do not know

1. Record length of the bridge:  Atal Setu is India’s longest sea bridge. Its length is about 22 kilometers. Its 16.5 kilometers is above the sea and the remaining 5.5 kilometers is on land.

2. Marvel of engineering:  Atal Setu is a unique example of engineering and a marvel. It has ample arrangements to ensure the safety of passengers. The bridge has an emergency exit road and ventilation system. Which enables it to deal with any kind of unexpected situation. This bridge has been designed to handle traffic flow from both directions.

3. Infra Boost:  Its official name is ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee Sewri-Nhava Sheva Atal Setu’. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 12 January 2024. This bridge proved to be a milestone in the infrastructure development of Mumbai. It brought instant relief to those who had to face disruption in their travel due to weather or traffic congestion.

4. Time is money- Travel time reduced: It is said that time is money. If you save your time, you save everything. Atal Setu has provided quick connectivity to Navi Mumbai International Airport and Mumbai International Airport. This bridge has also reduced the time taken to travel from Mumbai to South India, Pune and Goa. Along with this, it has also strengthened the connectivity of Jawaharlal Nehru Port and Mumbai Port. Atal Setu is not only the lifeline of Mumbai but has also become a pivot of the overall development of Maharashtra. People are saving their travel time. At the same time, connectivity has increased between many important areas due to this bridge.

5. Environment friendly:  Special attention was paid to the environment while building the Atal Setu. During its construction, all measures were taken to reduce sound and vibrations that harm marine life. In this way, everyone has benefited from this bridge in some way or the other. 

In such a scenario, when the Congress tried to corner the state’s Mahayuti and the NDA government at the centre by calling the crack in a connecting road in Mumbai as the crack in Atal Setu, a political uproar broke out.