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Asafoetida Test: How To Identify Real Or Fake Asafoetida, Try These Measures And You Will Be Caught


Real or fake asafoetida: Some people also mix flour and chemicals in asafoetida. In such a situation, it is very important to identify that the asafoetida you are using is not adulterated. Asafoetida is used in most of the homes. Asafoetida adds flavor to some vegetables, pulses and raita. Apart from increasing the taste of food, asafoetida is also beneficial for health. Many diseases can be avoided by eating asafoetida, but many times adulteration is found in the asafoetida available in the market. Even eating fake asafoetida can harm you in many ways. In this case, asafoetida can cause harm instead of benefit. Today we will tell you the difference between real asafoetida and fake asafoetida.

How to identify fake asafoetida, try these tips

If asafoetida is real, its fragrance remains in the hand for a long time. The smell of asafoetida will remain even after washing hands with soap.
Along with tampering with fake asafoetida, the fragrance also goes away by touching it.
If you want to eat real asafoetida, instead of powder, buy a thick piece or lump of asafoetida and grind it at home.
– Powdered asafoetida has more adulteration, so it is also a bit cheaper.
Instead of keeping asafoetida in the open, keep it in a tin box or glass bottle. The fragrance will last longer than this.
The first identification is that the color of real asafoetida is light brown. When put in hot ghee, it starts to swell and the color becomes light red.
If there is no such change in your asafoetida, then understand that there is some adulteration in asafoetida.
Another way to identify real asafoetida is that by dissolving asafoetida in water, its color becomes milky white.
If it is not so, then understand that asafoetida is not real, it is adulterated.
Real asafoetida burns easily on burning, while fake asafoetida does not catch fire quickly.