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Are you getting calls from abroad on WhatsApp? So protect yourself in these ways


New Delhi. Chatting app WhatsApp is one such app which is used not only in India but all over the world. The user base of the app is huge. WhatsApp is very easy to use, which is why this app is installed on every smartphone user’s device.

However, it is also a popular platform for hackers. Sometimes WhatsApp users are sent links containing malware from unknown numbers and sometimes calls are taken. Recently, WhatsApp users complained about receiving missed calls from international numbers.

Why are WhatsApp users getting missed calls from international numbers?

According to experts, fraudsters have been using WhatsApp to trap users in the past as well, although this time a different pattern was seen from the time of this scam. The calls to Indian users from international numbers on WhatsApp came at a time when the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India talked about introducing AI-based filters in the system to stop scam callers in the country.

In such a situation, experts believe that it will be difficult for fraudsters to trap the user in future, seeing this they immediately became active, so that the user can be trapped.

Which WhatsApp users are at higher risk?

In fact, many users get even more excited seeing that the caller’s number is not from India. The desire and eagerness to talk to the user of other country is more visible in the users who know less. This makes it even easier for international fraudsters to lay their nets.

How to avoid scammers on WhatsApp?

Although, the government is also vigilant to protect WhatsApp users from such scams and hence issues notices to the companies, but catching the scammers is a big challenge.

It is difficult to identify and track the number of scammers. In such a situation, the user is advised to be careful. WhatsApp users should avoid incoming calls and messages from any unknown number.