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Apart from relaxation, did you know what a hot bath can do wonders for your body?


Many times we get confused whether to take bath with hot water or with green water. Generally it is good to take a hot water bath after work in the evening after working for the whole day. Now we are in the beginning of summer.

Many people say that in this summer season when there is a lot of heat and sweating, then taking a bath in green water refreshes you and removes fatigue. However, a warm bath is unique in its soothing and relaxing properties.

Vikram Raman, Head of Sales Division, Aston Group India Pvt Ltd, says that there are many benefits of taking a hot water bath. Let us know about the benefits of bathing with hot water.

improve blood circulation
Like exercise, hot baths dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to cells and tissues. Stimulates the circulation of our body and helps in smooth flow of blood to our hands and feet. As a result, the heat of the body gets released and the body becomes calm and relaxed. The heat from hot water increases blood flow. So the body becomes light and the muscles become relaxed. Bathing with scented oil in hot water will give even more benefits.

to get deep sleep
Scientists believe that taking a hot water bath 90 minutes before sleeping will cool our body core and warm our skin. A hot bath can reduce stress in the body and increase blood flow to the brain. Also provides general regulation. However, the temperature of warm water should be between 104 to 108 or 40 to 42.

provide healthy skin
Bathing with hot water has many benefits for the skin. Warm water is especially beneficial for people who have flaky skin or acne-prone skin. Warm water makes the skin soft. Provides hydration. Removes inflammation and redness on the skin. If you have a skin condition like eczema or rosacea, hot water can reduce its severity. However, the water should not be too hot. If the water is too hot, it will absorb the natural oil present in the skin. So the skin becomes scaly. Along with this, rashes appear on the skin. Lastly, the effects of aging on the skin become visible very quickly. That’s why take a bath with hot water.

lowering blood sugar
Researchers suggest that frequent baths in buttermilk and waking up in warm water may reduce type 2 diabetes. Because warm water stimulates blood flow, more glucose is pumped into the muscles and tissues, which lowers blood glucose levels. A 2019 study found that waking up in warm water can reduce the time it takes for blood glucose to reach concentration.

flu or cold relief
As the weather changes, flu and cough become common to all. In such a situation, if you take a bath with hot water, then you will get rid of headache and blocked nose. Since warm water relaxes the blood vessels near the brain, it provides relief from tension and headache. Taking a warm bath will help to melt and dissolve the mucus. Also, warm water will reduce body heat caused by fever and provide a soothing sensation.