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Ankita Lokhande’s Post-Bigg Boss Heartbreak: The Real Story Behind Her Disappointment

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Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande’s Shocking Exit and the Emotional Rollercoaster

The unexpected eviction of television and Bollywood actress Ankita Lokhande from the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ has left fans and the host Salman Khan in astonishment. After entertaining the audience for months on Salman Khan’s popular and controversial reality show, Ankita bid farewell on Sunday, January 28, securing the fourth position among the top contestants. This exit came as a shock to everyone, including her husband Vicky Jain and the show’s host Salman Khan.

Ankita’s Eviction Drama

Ankita Lokhande’s departure at the fourth spot left her husband Vicky Jain and show host Salman Khan visibly surprised. Salman Khan expressed his astonishment, stating, “I am surprised. I thought you would be the winner. I am amazed that you are not. I don’t know what happened that you are out of the house. The entire team is surprised.” As Ankita left the Bigg Boss set, her disappointment was palpable, especially when she was seen walking with her husband Vicky Jain through the crowd. Her exhaustion and lack of a smile were evident, even when paparazzi urged her to pose with Vicky, a request she declined. She seemed visibly drained.

The Vicky Jain Connection

Throughout the season, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s relationship grabbed headlines. The duo faced constant scrutiny, discussing disagreements, the legacy of Sushant Singh Rajput, special treatment from the Bigg Boss team, and even pregnancy rumors.

Ankita’s Unhappy Exit

Ankita’s departure brought forth Vicky Jain’s emotional reaction, his eyes welling up with tears. Meanwhile, Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar, and Mannara Chopra, the top three contestants, celebrated outside the house. The fellow contestants who were outside the house with Ankita were also visibly upset for not making it to the top two.

Ankita’s Post-Eviction Appearance

Ankita Lokhande’s appearance post-eviction indicated her dissatisfaction. Even when asked to pose with her husband for the paparazzi, she declined. Her lack of a smile and apparent weariness were unmistakable. It’s evident that her journey in the Bigg Boss house has taken a toll on her.

Ankita and Vicky’s Season-Long Drama

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s relationship remained in the limelight throughout the show, involving continuous disagreements, discussions about Sushant Singh Rajput, special treatment by the Bigg Boss team, and even pregnancy rumors. The tensions escalated in the second week when Ankita emotionally expressed feeling neglected by her businessman husband.

An Emotional Rollercoaster for Ankita

The relationship struggles between Ankita and Vicky unfolded on-screen, affecting Ankita emotionally and portraying her in vulnerable moments. Despite requesting more time and support from Vicky throughout the show, their relationship became strained, leading to heated arguments and discussions about taking a break and even contemplating divorce.

Ankita’s Journey Beyond Bigg Boss

Ankita Lokhande’s journey on ‘Bigg Boss 17’ was undoubtedly an emotional rollercoaster. From being a subject of controversy to dealing with personal issues on national television, Ankita’s experience was a mix of highs and lows. Her journey post-eviction will be closely watched, especially considering the emotional toll it took on her during the show.

Ankita Lokhande’s unexpected exit from ‘Bigg Boss 17’ has left fans in shock and raised questions about the dynamics of relationships under the scrutiny of reality TV. The emotional drama, coupled with her tumultuous journey on the show, has undoubtedly made this season memorable for viewers.