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Anil Kapoor’s Voice and Image Banned by Delhi High Court – What’s the Controversy All About?

Anil Kapoor News: Delhi High Court Blocks Unauthorized Use of His Name, Image, and Voice

In a recent legal development, the Delhi High Court has issued an order preventing various entities from using Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor’s name, image, and voice for commercial purposes without his consent. The court’s decision, which came after a hearing on Anil Kapoor’s plea, states that using his name, voice, and image for commercial purposes, especially without authorization, is strictly prohibited.

Protecting the Integrity of Personal Branding

The court, while delivering its verdict, emphasized that using an individual’s name, voice, image, or likeness in an unlawful manner is unacceptable. This decision not only protects Anil Kapoor’s personal rights but also sets a precedent for safeguarding the integrity of personal branding in the entertainment industry.

Immediate Domain Block Orders

Furthermore, the High Court has ordered the immediate blocking and suspension of all domain names, including LLC, Dynadot LLC, and PDR Limited, involved in such unauthorized activities. This swift action sends a clear message that the court takes violations of personal rights seriously and is committed to preventing them.

Justice Pratibha M. Singh’s Bench Pronouncement

Justice Pratibha M. Singh, presiding over the case, stated unequivocally that the unlawful use of an individual’s name, voice, image, or likeness cannot be tolerated. Supporting the rights of well-known personalities could be a significant source of livelihood, and it should not be undermined by illicit business practices.

‘Jhakaas’ Also Restricted

Anil Kapoor is renowned for his iconic catchphrase ‘Jhakaas,’ which has gained popularity on social media, with many people imitating him. This catchphrase has also become a commercial activity. As per the court’s orders, even using ‘Jhakaas’ in a manner that infringes upon Anil Kapoor’s rights is now prohibited.

Kapoor’s Lawyer’s Statement

Anil Kapoor’s legal counsel argued in court, “Several websites and platforms are misusing the personality rights of the petitioner for various activities.” During the proceedings, examples were cited, including the sale of merchandise, using photos as motivational speakers, inappropriate alterations of photos, selling photos with fake autographs, and mimicking Anil Kapoor’s iconic ‘Jhakaas’ style.

In conclusion, the Delhi High Court’s decision to protect Anil Kapoor’s rights and restrict unauthorized use of his name, voice, image, and catchphrase sets an essential precedent for safeguarding the rights of individuals in the entertainment industry. This landmark ruling reinforces the significance of personal branding and emphasizes that it cannot be exploited illegally. It is a significant victory for celebrities and their right to control their public image.