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Anantnag Encounter: The Final Showdown with Terror – Kokernag Operation Ends After 7 Days

Anantnag Encounter: Indian Army’s Brave Operation Ends a Week-long Kokernag Operation

In a heroic and successful operation that lasted for the past seven days in the heart of Kashmir’s Anantnag district, the Indian Army bid farewell to the menace of terrorism by sacrificing the lives of a Colonel, a Major, and a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). This operation, which culminated in the elimination of two terrorists associated with the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist organization, has significant implications, especially with the demise of Lashkar commander Uzair Khan.

The Prelude to the Encounter

The operation began with the presence of Lashkar-e-Taiba’s top commander, Uzair Khan, in the Kokernag area. Uzair Khan was involved in the killing of an Indian Army Colonel, a Major, and a DSP during the initial clashes of the operation. While Uzair Khan’s lifeless body has been recovered, the whereabouts of the second terrorist remain undisclosed, although drone footage suggests his presence.

The Ongoing Search

Vijay Kumar, the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) for Jammu and Kashmir Police, affirmed that they had information about the presence of two to three terrorists in the region. While the encounter has concluded, the search and cordon operation will persist until the second terrorist’s body is recovered, and all unexploded ordnance is cleared from the area.

Assessing the Ground Zero

A comprehensive assessment of the situation was carried out by Lieutenant General Rajiv Ghai, who heads the 15 Corps, and ADGP Vijay Kumar at the ground zero. While the encounter has ended, the security forces continue their search and sanitization operations in the vicinity.

A Prolonged Counter-Terrorism Operation

The Kokernag operation has now become the longest anti-terrorism operation in the Kashmir Valley in recent years. The Indian Army and police force employed cutting-edge equipment and modern technology throughout the operation. A joint command center was established near the Gadoel Forest, which played a crucial role in overseeing the entire operation. This operation was conducted by the special forces of 19 Rashtriya Rifles (19RR) and 34RR, along with Para Commandos, mountain troops from the High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS), and the Special Operations Group (SOG) of the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Utilizing Next-Gen Gadgets and Weapons

In addition to the elite security forces, the operation saw the utilization of next-generation gadgets and weaponry. Quadcopters, drones, and state-of-the-art equipment played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this operation. The Indian Army used Hexacopters (drones with the capability to attack and designate targets) with digital videography within a range of 10 kilometers, a critical asset that aided in neutralizing threats in suspicious areas.

In conclusion, the Anantnag Encounter, which concluded the week-long Kokernag operation, showcased the unwavering dedication and valor of the Indian Army and police forces. With the elimination of Lashkar commander Uzair Khan and the ongoing search for the second terrorist, this operation is a testament to India’s commitment to eradicating terrorism from the region.