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America can deport lakhs of youth of Indian origin


Children Act pending in US Parliament from 2021? The children of people working in the US on long-term visas or non-immigrant visas are called documentary DREAMers? According to the current provision, it is okay if the parents get citizenship before the child turns 21, otherwise such children have to leave America.

The future of 2.5 lakh documented Dreamers in America is in danger and the sword of leaving America is hovering over them. Most of these documented DREAMers include children of Indian origin. They are demanding the passage of the Children’s Act in the US Parliament as soon as possible. It is noteworthy that the Children’s Act is pending in the US Parliament from the year 2021. If this law is passed, then these two and a half lakh youth will not have to leave America according to the existing rules and they will be able to apply for citizenship by staying in America.

What is America’s Children’s Act?

Is. In 2021, US MPs Deborah Ross, Marinette Miller, Raja Krishnamurthy and Young Kim introduced the Children’s Act in the US Parliament. The Act provides that children whose parents are working in the US on a long-term visa and who have been legal residents of the US for the past 10 years, as well as graduates of an institution of higher education, , would be eligible for US citizenship. ,

The CHILD Act also stipulates that the age of these Documented Dreamers is calculated from the date they apply for U.S. citizenship, not the date they were granted citizenship. This way, if the youth applies for citizenship before age 21, he or she will not be at risk of being deported until age 21.

A youth who has crossed the age of 16 and has applied for a green card must obtain an employment authorization. Deep Patel’s parents came to the US nearly two decades ago and are working here on long-term visas. Deep fears that he will be forcibly removed from the US if the Children’s Act is not passed or his parents are not granted US citizenship by the time he is 21 years old. Like Deep, Muhil Ravichandran is also a documented dreamer and worries about his future. Muhill said her parents have already applied for US citizenship, but given the current backlog for green cards, she fears they will exceed the age limit of 21. Muhil said he lives every day with the fear that he might have to leave his family, friends, his home. Deep Patel said that four years ago the son of a dairy farmer was also deported from America when he was 21 years old; He spent 19 years of his life in this country. Similarly, two years back a drug addict had to leave America for the same reason. Deep said that if the Children’s Act is not passed this year too, there is a possibility of 10,000 youths being deported from America.