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Allegations of corruption at CM’s office should be probed, CM should answer: BJP


Shimla: The BJP has gone on the offensive over allegations of corruption at the Chief Minister’s office. The BJP has demanded an investigation by an investigative agency into the allegations against the Chief Minister’s office.

BJP Chief Spokesperson and MLA Randhir Sharma said in Shimla on Friday that there are serious allegations of corruption in the Chief Minister’s Office and these allegations are related to the Energy Department. Energy portfolio is with the Chief Minister. So the Chief Minister should give an answer on this. Sharma said that according to these allegations, action should be taken if there is any wrongdoing in the power department. He said that the allegations against the chief minister’s office should be investigated by an investigative agency.

The Chief Minister of BJP said that the Chief Minister should stop taunting BJP leaders and answer these allegations. The BJP raised the question that the Chief Minister should tell why concession was given to the Patel Messer Engineering Company working on the Song Tong project. Sharma said that the Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Board of Directors meeting held on May 18 benefited the company. The government should clarify why the company was allowed to work instead of working on time, when as per the rule, penalty was to be levied. The government also gave the company additional time and did not levy any penalty.

He said that the allegations against the Chief Minister’s office are serious, but the Chief Minister has denied it by claiming that it is an anonymous letter. BJP has said that crores of rupees have returned due to non-utilization of the budget in this government. Works have come to a standstill and those people are hostile. The fact that the ministers are also silent on the budget cuts of public works and hydropower departments has exposed the factionalism of the government.

Randhir Sharma said that the government did not even provide bags and water bottles to the school children. Apart from this, the lift fare in Shimla has also been increased from 10 rupees to 20 rupees. This will affect the tourism business and is also anti-people. A BJP spokesperson said that the Congress government is constantly taking anti-people decisions. Now the government has decided to stop the non-practice allowance of new doctors. This will affect both the doctors and the public. The BJP condemned the decision and demanded its re-implementation.