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Alia Bhatt’s Secret Daily Routine: What She Does When Not with Ranbir Kapoor

Alia Bhatt’s Day Off Schedule: How the Bollywood Actress Spends Her Free Time

In the fast-paced world of Bollywood, where actors and actresses are constantly on the move, a day off is a rare and precious commodity. Alia Bhatt, one of the most talented and beloved actresses in the industry, recently shared a glimpse of how she spends her day off on social media. In a video posted on her social media accounts, Alia let her fans in on her relaxation routine, and it quickly became a talking point among fans and celebrities alike.

A Dip in the Pool

The video begins with Alia Bhatt gracefully swimming in a serene pool. Her effortless strokes and relaxed demeanor show a different side of the actress, one that is far removed from the glitz and glamour of the film industry. With her eyes closed and a sense of tranquility, Alia enjoys the soothing waters of the pool.

The Caption Speaks

Alia accompanies the video with a caption that reads, “This is my off-day schedule. Do not disturb.” Her words resonate with many who yearn for a similar break from their hectic lives. Fans flooded the comments section with messages like, “I want this in my life too.”

The ‘Rocky and Rani Ki Prem Kahani’ Connection

Alia Bhatt has been making headlines for her recent appearance in the film ‘Rocky and Rani Ki Prem Kahani,’ where she starred alongside Ranveer Singh. The film garnered a whopping 300 crore worldwide, making it a massive success. Besides Alia and Ranveer, the movie also featured powerhouse performances from Shabana Azmi and Jaya Bachchan. It’s noteworthy that this film marked Karan Johar’s return to the director’s chair after seven years. ‘Rocky and Rani Ki Prem Kahani’ hit theaters on July 28th.

The Family Dynamic

For those who might not know, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are proud parents to a daughter named Raha. However, the couple has been tight-lipped about revealing details about their baby girl.


In a world where work often takes precedence, Alia Bhatt’s day off schedule serves as a reminder of the importance of relaxation and self-care. It’s heartening to see one of Bollywood’s brightest stars taking time for herself and setting an example for her fans. As her fans eagerly await more glimpses into her personal life, Alia continues to shine both on and off the screen.