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Alert: Are there sweet poison in your cold drinks? shocking in WHO reports

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Medical Reports: Today 95 percent of Aspartame is used in the sugar-free soft drink industry. Not only this, Aspartame is used in 97 percent of sugar-free tablets and powder available in the market. Similarly, Aspartame is also used in sugar-free chewing gum.

WHO reports on cold Drinks: If are you fond of cold drinks and drink several bottles of cold drinks in a day, then please be careful, because cold drinks can also cause cancer. The world health Organization has said this as a warning by doing proper research that there is a risk of cancer from the artificial sweetener aspartame used in soft drinks including coca–cola and chewing gum. Now you will say what happened all of a sudden.

Artificial Sweetener cause cancer

Actually, soft drinks are of two types the first one is normal cold drinks and the second one is sugar-free diet cold drinks. sugar is used for normal cold drinks but, Artificial sweetener is used for making diet cold drinks.  This Artificial sweetener can cause cancer. This artificial sweetener is called Aspartame. Aspartame is actually an organic compound called methyl ester.

Aspartame is a slow poison: Aspartame is made in the lab. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar; Aspartame was discovered in 1965 by a chemist named M Slater. In the year 1981, our food and Drugs Administration departments FDA approved its use in some dry fruits, and then from the year 1983, it was also used in beverages started.

If there is no cancer then these diseases will take hold of you

Artificial sweetener Aspartame was kept in the food category Revealed in many international studies that continuous use of aspartame causes cancer about 92 types of side effects in many parts of the body. Some of which also told you. In several conditions, it can also become the cause of blindness long-term use if Aspartame causes tingling in ears and hoarseness of voice. Might as well be Irritability and sleeplessness can be a problem. Due to the use of Aspartame, problem in the control of diabetes, hair falling, and things like weight loss or gain can also happen.