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Air India’s Big News: 30 New Planes Set to Transform Your Travel Experience

Tata Group Airline: Transforming Air India After Takeover


The aviation industry is abuzz with excitement as the Tata Group takes over Air India. Since the acquisition, the airline has witnessed a continuous transformation, including plans to introduce more than 30 new aircraft within the next six months. Moreover, Air India intends to expand its weekly flights to over 400, introducing flights to four new international destinations. In this article, we’ll delve into the Tata Group’s efforts to revamp the airline, enhance its network, and cater to the ever-growing demand for air travel.

A Grand Plan to Add Over 400 Weekly Flights

According to the airline’s sources, Air India has set its sights on international expansion, with plans to operate in North America, Europe, and South Asia. As part of its Winter Program, Air India aims to add over 400 weekly flights to its domestic and international network by March 2024. The Winter Program is slated to run from October 29th to the end of March next year.

Introducing New Aircraft in the Next Six Months

Based on the anticipated arrival of new aircraft in the next six months, Air India has ambitious targets, planning to initiate more than 200 weekly flights on several domestic routes. Additionally, the company plans to launch over 200 weekly flights on its international network, with more than 80 weekly flights already added.

Expanding the Fleet

In a press release, Air India expressed its hope to include more than 30 larger aircraft in its fleet by March 2024. This expansion will feature six A350s, four B777s, and 20 A320 Neos. Notably, this year, Air India placed orders for 470 new aircraft from Airbus and Boeing, further exemplifying its commitment to enhancing its services.


The Tata Group’s takeover of Air India has paved the way for a remarkable transformation in the airline’s operations. With the addition of numerous new aircraft and extensive expansion plans, Air India is poised to become a prominent player in the aviation industry.

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