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Aditya L1’s Astounding Solar Journey: Breaking Records on September 19th

Aditya L1 undergoes fourth earth-bound: ISRO’s Remarkable Mission

In a remarkable achievement, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has taken a significant step forward in its ambitious mission to study the Sun. ISRO has successfully maneuvered Aditya L1 into its fourth orbit around the Earth. After reducing its distance from the Sun, Aditya L1 now orbits at an impressive 256 km x 121,973 km.

What’s in Store for Aditya L1 on September 19th?

ISRO shared this pivotal information in a post on social media company X. According to the information, during this operation, ISRO’s ground stations in Mauritius, Bengaluru, SDSC-SHAR, and Port Blair meticulously tracked Aditya L1. Consequently, Aditya L1 has achieved its new orbit of 256 km x 121,973 km. ISRO has revealed that the next orbit change for Aditya L1 is scheduled for September 19th, at approximately 2 AM.

This process is referred to as EBN#5, and it will be its final orbit maneuver around Earth. The reason for changing the orbit all around Earth is to enable it to gain sufficient velocity for its upcoming journey. Afterward, it will move towards its destination, the L1 point, also known as the Lagrange Point, which is a balanced gravitational location between Earth and the Sun. It’s a journey that will take approximately 109 days in the helio-orbit. It is expected that the next phase of moving towards the Sun from Earth could be quite challenging. Consequently, all eyes are now set on the next process scheduled for September 19th.

When Will We Get the First Image of the Sun?

According to information from ISRO, the first image of the Sun from Aditya-L1 could be available as early as February or March next year. The mission involves the use of VELC (Visible Emission Line Coronagraph) to capture high-definition photos of the Sun. Once the journey to L1 is complete, all payloads on Aditya L1 will be activated, and the study of the Sun will commence. It’s worth noting that before this, Aditya had sent a selfie from its journey midway. With all of ISRO’s previous phases being successful, India’s reputation in the space world has undoubtedly risen.


ISRO’s Aditya L1 mission is progressing impressively as it embarks on its fourth orbit around Earth. The upcoming phase on September 19th, referred to as EBN#5, is eagerly anticipated as it will be a critical maneuver for Aditya L1. Furthermore, the prospect of receiving the first high-definition image of the Sun in early 2024 has generated excitement and interest among space enthusiasts. As ISRO continues to make significant strides in space exploration, it solidifies India’s position as a prominent player in the global space community.