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Actress Ada Sharma shifted to Sushant’s flat, took it on rent for 3 years, said – came to my mind…

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Bollywood actress Ada Sharma’s career took off last year. Ada gained a lot of popularity from Sudipto Sen’s film ‘The Kerala Story’. After this, the actress was seen in ‘Bastar: The Naxal Story’. This film did not make much collection at the box office but remained in the news. Only last year it was reported that Ada had taken Sushant Singh Rajput’s flat on rent. However, reacting to this news, the actress said that whenever she takes such a step, she will tell.

Ada Sharma shifted to Sushant’s flat
Now news is coming that Ada has shifted to Sushant’s flat. In October 2023, Ada took Sushant’s flat on lease for 3 years. While talking to the Bombay Times, Ada said- Four months ago I shifted to Sushant’s flat. Immediately after the shift, I became busy with the promotion of my films. I didn’t get much time. After this, I went to the Elephant Sanctuary of Mathura. After coming back from there, I have been able to live in this flat. My mother and grandmother, we all are living together in this flat. 

Ada further said that now I have got some time, due to which I have been able to settle completely in the flat. I lived in a house in Pali Hill. There, I spent my childhood. There are many memories associated with it. This is the first time that I have shifted somewhere in Mumbai. And this flat gives me a lot of positive vibes. I am very sensitive about vibes. 

“During ‘The Kerala Story’, I spent a lot of time with nature. I felt that I should shift to a place where I could take care of the birds and feed them. There was a lack of space in the house where I lived. That’s why I shifted to this flat so that I can feed the birds and I have always wanted a house where there is enough space. I have always trusted my intuition, but many people advised me not to start my career with a horror film. Didn’t listen. My attitude will remain the same in the future also.”