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According to Chanakya policy if you have these 4 qualities then everyone will like you


Chanakya was one of the famous scholars of ancient India. He was called Acharya Chanakya because of his diplomacy and political strategy, achieved many achievements.

Chanakya compiled his experiences and knowledge in a book called Chanakya Niti. Chanakya’s advice and principles are relevant at all times. If one follows the things said in this, then he can definitely achieve great heights in life.

Sanakya Nidhi is a collection of teachings and principles on various aspects of life including politics, governance, economics, ethics and personal conduct. Chanakya has mentioned some special tips to get success in his principles.

trust and confidence
Chanakya emphasizes that there should be trust and faith in any relationship. Chanakya advises to surround yourself with trustworthy and loyal people and inculcate such qualities in yourself. Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship and loyalty ensures its longevity.

mutual respect
According to Chanakya, respect is very important in any relationship. One should treat others with respect, then only they can expect respect from others. Respect fosters harmony, understanding, and healthy communication in relationships.

Chanakya Niti: Keep these things in mind to be successful in Tamil

honesty and transparency
Chanakya emphasizes on honesty and transparency in relationships. Chanakya advises not to commit acts of deceit, lies and conspiracy. Being honest and open with your partner or loved ones builds trust and strengthens the bond between relationships.

Effective communication is essential for developing relationships. Chanakya stresses the need for clear and open communication. He recommends expressing thoughts, feelings and concerns openly, which leads to better understanding and clears up misunderstandings.